Stobie Larder

The Stobie Community Larder was set up to help those who find themselves in a place of hardship. We serve the Stobswell Community with food parcels including fresh fruit and vegetables to families and individuals suffering from poverty and crisis situations. 

Basic Membership is Free with a weekly charge of £2.00 per visit.

3 items from Fridge/Freezer additional £2.00

3 items from Toiletries/Cleaning additional £1.00


What is a Community Larder?

It is a membership scheme open to anyone finding it hard to buy all the food you need or if your income has been affected by the Corona Virus. It is an affordable way to access staple food items, reduce food waste and improve the wellbeing of residents in the local area.

Where does the food come from?

The food comes through various grants and organisations committed to relieving food poverty and surplus food from local supermarkets. All food supplied is within "Use By" dates.

When and how often will it operate?

The Larder is open every Monday -Wednesday- Friday 10am till 12pm.

How do I join?

Come along to Boomerang where one of the staff will be happy to help you.